The evolving job market means that people are keeping their resumes up to date. But adding every position and carefully wording work responsibilities can be an overwhelming task. And with many companies using technology to scan for keywords and phrases, job seekers are even more meticulous with the format and wording of their resumes.

Traditionally, people would tap into the power and expertise of professional resume writers. And while those subject matter experts still provide valuable services, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game.

With systems such as ChatGPT, having an AI-powered resume assistant isn’t a far-fetched concept, and Blavity Deals has access to services for your next project.

Coined Resoume, the easy-to-use platform is designed to optimize resumes, portfolios, and cover letters. Creating applicant tracking system (ATS)-ready documents helps job applicants with the proper format that will allow them to stand out.

Resoume is also powered to export information from LinkedIn profiles and can create an attractive job-readiness package with personalized and customizable fonts, colors, and themes.

In addition to prepping documents that are sure to put job seekers a few steps ahead, Resoume also:

  • Connects to personal websites
  • Gathers analytics to track the number of visitors
  • Shares work across different media platforms
  • Organizes resumes, interviews, and job offers

The power of AI has received mixed reviews, but it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So instead of spending countless hours customizing different resumes for different positions, tap in with Resoume.

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