AfroTech World proved to be a huge success this year as a virtual conference that still managed to bring people closer together in a meaningful way through a digitally-created platform. Described as a tech conference like no other, AfroTech World is shifting the tech industry for Black leaders to build up a powerful community.

From the average person’s perspective, AfroTech World was the culmination of gathering in a room full of people that looked the same and shared similar tech interests. However, from the writers who help power the web platform responsible for delivering news about everything in the tech world, attending the conference was like seeing our work brought to life.

In the months throughout the year leading up to the conference, AfroTech’s writers are able to speak with founders of rising tech startups and report on timely business news for its readers to stay informed.

As attendees for this year’s conference, we all shared our own encounters of what it was like to experience AfroTech World as tech and business writers.

Njera Perkins

“This was my very first time attending AfroTech World and I had no idea what to expect. Being able to experience what others rave about this time of the year was like discovering a whole new world. For this to be my first introduction to AfroTech World, a virtual one at that, I got an extremely rewarding experience out of it that would’ve otherwise been overwhelming in-person. Seeing people I’ve spoken with and written stories about throughout the year serve as speakers at the conference was a proud moment for me. As a writer for the digital media platform responsible for creating this conference, I felt as if I played a role in helping bring it to life and uplift the work these tech leaders have been doing.”

Abriana Walton

Networking is the name of the game no matter what industry a person works in. That’s why I always look forward to convention season. COVID may have halted the in person experience of learning and laughing with peers and mentors, however AfroTech World 2020 successfully brought that experience into my home. AfroTech World was the most engaging virtual activity I’ve participated in since the beginning of the pandemic and definitely set the tone for the ones to come.”

Shanique Yates

“I am completely blown away by how amazing the experience of AfroTech World was! As a freelance writer for the Afrotech website, I went in thinking that it would be a conference solely for Blacks in techs, but soon realized just how beneficial this was for those creatives like myself who were in attendance as well! Not only did I get the opportunity to connect with amazing leadership at companies like Disney, Amazon, Facebook and more, but partying with everyone at The Club or The Yard after the day events was amazing and like something I’d never seen before. If you would’ve told me that I’d get to attend a R&B party under the sounds of THE Bryan-Michael Cox in 2020, I would’ve laughed at you, but anything was possible at AfroTech World. I can’t wait to see how this dope concept will be the blueprint for other conferences as we continue to navigate life while still in the midst of a pandemic. Hats off to everyone involved!”