Joey Womack, co-founder and CEO of Amplify 4 Good and Goodie nation, was recently named manager of Atlanta’s first WeWork Labs. The position will help startups to cement and expand their businesses. The appointment comes at a pivotal time for Womack, who has long been at the forefront of helping startups chart a course for success.

In the more than five years since he founded Amplify 4 Good to assist tech entrepreneurs in solving socio-economic disparities, Womack has impacted millions through his consulting work with several companies, including the United Negro College Fund, Google, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. For many of his clients, he has developed hackathons, or short-term sessions during which software and leadership development are explored to leverage a company’s resources and drive its success. Through Goodie Nation, Womack galvanizes change agents to team up with other entrepreneurs in an effort to use partnerships to solve problems, drive innovation, and make a difference.

In his leadership position at Atlanta’s WeWork, Womack will oversee the efforts of entrepreneurs in an equity-free program model designed to assist startups from inception to execution, providing them with technological, financial, and customized entrepreneurial tools for success. As each WeWork Lab is led by only one manager, Womack holds a pivotal position, made even more unique by his appointment at the inaugural WeWork Labs in Atlanta, a location that represents the intersection of innovation, technology, and civil rights.

While leading WeWork Labs, Womack will continue his roles at Amplify 4 Good and Goodie Nation, becoming a force for even greater impact in Atlanta and across the world.  In a promotional video showcased by Black YourStory, Womack describes his journey as a “process to equalize socio-economic disparities all over the world,” adding, “It is my life’s goal is to help one billion people by the Year 2029.”