Bishop T.D. Jakes has sent a message.

According to the Saporta Report, the mega-church pastor’s real estate arm has submitted a reported “master plan” for affordable housing on what was formerly a military base for the Confederacy.

In the T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures’ “master plan” submission, the affordable housing would be partnered with entertainment districts dedicated to the new communities in Fort McPherson, which is just outside of Atlanta, GA.

The five-part plan will provide amenities and other resources that are not currently available in southern Atlanta. In the first part of the plan, the VA hospital and the bungalows surrounding the VA hospital will be updated. That’s followed by the second part of the plan, which is when the single-family subdivision, townhomes, apartment complexes, retail space and a K-8 school along the Campbellton Road corridor will begin construction — in other words, the affordable housing.

That will be followed by commercial space, which T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures says will be used for shops, restaurants, a hotel, and short-term housing for those who are using the surrounding facilities — including those who may be working at Tyler Perry Studios. After that, the commercial space will again be expanded, and this will be for more “corporate” outlets that aren’t already in the area.

The final phase of the proposed construction will entail “a historic cultural district, which will make workspaces available for artists and other creatives to rent, as well as senior living facilities, which are sorely needed in the area,” reports the outlet.

Fort McPherson was originally purchased by Tyler Perry and T.D. Jakes back in June 2021. While Perry controls the lion’s share of the property, the pair paid a combined $37.5 million for the land. The last time Jakes presented a proposed “revitalization” project to the zoning board, it was approved without a problem.