Tank has continued to remain focused on the genre that launched his career.

Billboard reports the R&B singer started out as a background singer for Aaliyah and Ginuwine in 1997.

“I went straight from a church choir rehearsal to going out on that 60-city, sold-out arena tour with some of the best to ever do it,” Tank said, according to Billboard. “There will never be a more pivotal memory of Black excellence for me … [It] was the ultimate building block.”

What’s more, the money Tank earned while touring alongside legends was enough to cover all his expenses.

“The good thing I had done is with my money when I was on tour with Ginuwine and Aaliyah, I paid off all my bills. My mama made me pay off all my bills,” Tank explained during his “R&B Money” podcast.

Tank would later sign with Aaliyah’s record label Blackground Records, per REVOLT. Tank says he received a $250,000 advance from his publishing and record deal.

Despite the accomplishment, the artist reveals that soon after his good fortune quickly took a turn.

“When I got my record deal advance and my publishing deal advance, that’s when it went left,” he explained. “That’s when Tank came out the tank and started getting knocked. I’m talking about crab legs as big as your back.”

He added: “In ’98 you didn’t realize what that $250k is. So, I didn’t know how fast it would move.”

By the time Tank moved to Los Angeles, CA, he “blew the money” and had just $1,000 to his name. His saving grace was investing in gear that allowed him to still create music.

“When you say investing in that gear, that’s one thing I did do. I said, ‘I’m gonna buy this MPC. I’m gonna buy this Mackie-Mixer,” Tank shared. “I’m gonna buy these and I’m just gonna work and I’m gonna figure this out. I don’t know where these songs are gonna go. I don’t even know if they gonna come out. But I’m gonna know how to do this so that when the time comes, I’m gonna be able to feed somebody hopefully myself.’”

Today, Tank has an estimated $5 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth.