Sending out a reminder for Black creators to know their worth and stand on it! If you need an example to follow, take a look at Tanisha Godfrey.

Tanisha Godfrey's Come-Up

The internet has come to know her as the voice behind the popular “It’s a chicken salad” TikTok. As previously reported by AfroTech, the viral TikTok led to her securing a “gorgeous” bag with Weight Watchers. For the company, Godfrey created “The Nisha Chicken Salad.”

Low-Ball Numbers

But recently, while speaking about the partnership during an interview, Godfrey claimed she was low-balled by a top tech giant.

In a virtual interview with TikToker @Bdtrelilbrother, Godfrey shared how big-name companies came knocking on her door. However, they apparently didn’t come correctly.

“I’m still learning how to work TikTok. Y’all know I was new to this but I’m not dumb. So when you say you want to buy my sound and you’re offering me $500, it’s a f-cking problem.”

The video creator was initially hesitant to share who specifically tried to “play” her. However, after the interviewer noted how the experience relates to Black creators’ poor mistreatment, Godfrey went on to name-drop.

The Reveal

“It was Google,” she said. ”And they offered me $500. Then, $1,000. Then, $2,000. And I said, ‘Have a good day.’”

Godfrey credits recently hiring a publicist to be affirmed about what she has to bring to the table.

“I finally found someone who can represent me and make sure I’m not making crazy decisions, low balling myself, and is actually going to soar my new career!! I’m so excited,” Godfrey wrote in an Instagram post.


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Although she is enjoying the moment of her fame on social media, Godfrey stated that she doesn’t want to be only known for the video forever. With her charismatic personality and a Black woman publicist in her corner, the future is bright for the blossoming creator.