Tammy Williams is history in the making.

Williams, who has an impressive track record in the entertainment industry spanning 25 years across film, biographies, documentaries, entertainment, and network news, has taken her pursuits to historic heights with the creation of Cinema South Studios.

Tammy Williams says “she will be the first majority Black female owner of a studio she knows of in the state,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Williams’ moves are backed by her partner, CEO, and investor of G-Square Events and Black Promoters Collective Gary Guidry.

“The demand for soundstages is happening globally and the ownership rarely looks like us, let alone an African American woman,” Guidry said, according to the outlet. “When I choose to invest, I evaluate the need of the business and the ownership. Investing in Tammy Williams and her team of professionals convinced me that buying the land in Fayetteville, GA was a sound decision with the talents of her at the helm.”

The Opening of Cinema South Studios

Cinema South Studios will reportedly become the home to Williams’ production company, Tammy’Dele Films, Tammy’Dele Films Workshops, and Cinema South Film Academy.

The studio space will include 17 buildings such as sound stages, warehouses, offices, and a film academy that will sit on 60 acres of land.

Williams will celebrate the grand opening in March and by early 2023, the studio plans to integrate the first two soundstages for production.

“We’ve been patient,” Williams said, in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who revealed she has been wanting a studio for 12 years. “This has not been an overnight thing, this vision for us.”