Based in the soul of the Bay Area — Oakland, California — for almost a decade, Fivetran has worked to perfect a platform that creates and maintains a reliable replica of enterprise data, enabling businesses to store a virtual warehouse of information with minimal user configuration. By making data analysis simpler, Fivetran has become a force in the technology industry. 

Fivetran follows the data, offering more than 150 fully managed and automated connectors for databases, applications and more. The company says this innovation “redefined the data pipeline. Our fully automated connectors sync data from applications, database logs and more into a cloud warehouse. Our connectors deploy in minutes, require zero maintenance and automatically adjust to source changes. We take care of engineering so our customers can focus on business insights.”

Beyond the technology, Fivetran has become known for something else: the way it encourages and motivates its team. As the rising technology company has continued to grow and expand, the need to attract and retain diverse talent has become even more essential — a challenge it’s risen to by embracing diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. 

For Hannah East, Senior Salesforce System Architect, finding a company that aligned with her ideals was a major key. “As a lesbian woman, I searched for a company that welcomed those parts of my identity. From the final interview with Fivetran, I have felt heard, included and appreciated. They ensure that everyone has a seat at the table and that ideas can be freely shared. Each department has DEI goals so that we maintain and grow a diverse team,” she says.

This sentiment is echoed by Fivetran Recruiting Manager Angeline Lo, who says, “Our culture makes it really easy to champion the company. I’m so proud to present opportunities where you get to create impactful products alongside inspiringly smart, and more importantly, good people.” 

By focusing on diversity and career development, Fivetran is quickly becoming a favorite for those looking for a new home in the tech industry or those just looking for a new opportunity. Of its environment, Fivetran says, “The culture of any organization flows from its people, so we seek out teammates who share our values and drive, not people who are exactly like us. We’ve built a company that allows everyone to take risks and thrive professionally — without ever hiding their authentic selves.”

In addition to a mentorship program designed to give guidance and advice, Fivetran has embraced employee resource groups as another way to build bridges internally. “About three months after I was hired, my manager said, ‘Okay, let’s talk about your growth plan and the next job that you want,’” says Talent Operations Specialist Jonte Major. 

“I was shocked, but that was really nice because you obviously want to grow professionally, and then the country exploded in terms of Black Lives Matter, and our Head of HR encouraged us to start an ERG for Black Fivetraners. That’s been a really positive experience, and I’ve gotten closer to our COO, who participated in our sessions. So many other leaders in the company attended a session on allyship and had examples to share about what allyship looked like to them. I remember getting tons of Slack kudos after that meeting with people saying they really enjoyed it and I felt like I was actually a part of Fivetran in that moment,” Major shares.

After speaking with employees and getting familiar with the culture at Fivetran, AfroTech has created a list of things to know about the organization and current roles for those interested in a fresh new opportunity in tech. 

Finding Your Fit at Fivetran: Company Culture

For many, finding the right fit is the difference between a job and a career you’re actually passionate about. This is why making sure a company meets your own standards is just as important as you meeting theirs. For those interested in life at Fivetran, you would need to align with their three core values.


“We do the right thing, even when it’s harder in the short run. We challenge the status quo by reasoning from first principles.”


“Fivetran belongs to all of us. We take ownership and are accountable for getting things done. Through curiosity, learning and coaching, we grow as individuals and teams.”

1 Team, 1 Dream

“We share the pains and successes of our customers, partners and colleagues. We seek, gather and trust a diverse group of teammates with different perspectives to guide Fivetran’s progress. We go above and beyond for each other.”

Researching and Preparing for Opportunities at Fivetran

Study, study, study. Whether actively or casually looking for that next step on your career ladder, research companies and roles that not only pique your interest but potentially expose you to something new all together. 

1. Read about the company values and culture. Find an alignment to your own values and the type of environment you enjoy. Work is most enjoyable when your company believes and is passionate about the things that matter to you too.

2. Research. This gives you more context so you can infer what it’s like to work at Fivetran based on its industry (data technology), products (data connectors), stage (Series C startup) and growth (from 100 to 500 in just a little over two years).

3. Refer to 1 and 2 on your application and again when interviewing with your recruiter, giving them a signal that you’ve done your homework.

4. Network! Reach out to the recruiting team or to employees, reference a job that you’re interested in and ask for an introduction. 

Shoot Your Shot! Check Out These Priority Positions

When it comes to working at Fivetran, being clear and intentional is what drives communication across the brand. As Tech Recruiter Kimani West explains, “There is so much collaboration happening both within teams and cross-functionalities, that open and clear communication is the only way we’re able to succeed.”

For those ready for a change, Fivetran is opening its doors to a new generation of tech professionals. Like the old commercial goes, “You’re sitting on your couch, you’re watching TV and your life is passing you by.” Ready to try something new? Learn more about Fivetran here.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Fivetran.