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YC Company Plato Launches Mentorship Program to Pair Tech Leaders With the Underserved

The need for more inclusion in tech for minorities is all too apparent today, and companies all over are working to enact more initiatives dedicated to this cause. YC Company Plato — the largest mentorship platform for engineering managers and engineers — has launched a new program called Circles for Inclusion, which aims to give underrepresented groups access to the best tech leaders through group mentorship. According to Quang Hoang, the CEO of Plato, the program will allow participants to join a “circle” that meets on a regular basis to discuss various topics such as leadership and career opportunities. Photo Credit: Plato The reason behind the new program according to Hoang is “mentorship for people of color in the tech industry is one of several systemic factors that prevent them from obtaining senior positions and achieving their career potential.” The mentorship program will essentially connect neglected groups with a network of powerful leaders in the tech industry through...

Njera Perkins

Jun 30, 2020

These Black Women are Reshaping the Future of Tech for College Graduates

Black professionals in any industry have faced their challenges trying to fit into spaces that weren’t designed for us. So, it’s always great to see young, successful Black entrepreneurs paying it forward by creating opportunities for people who look like them – starting with the youth. For Black college students interested in getting involved in the tech industry, YCombinator funded startup company Edlyft is here to help equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed: “Edlyft is creating 1 million new computer science college graduates over the next decade. We help college students pass their most challenging computer science classes by offering group tutoring, connecting them to study groups, and passing down guidance from peers who’ve done it before.” I spoke with Erika Hairston and Arnelle Ansong, co-founders of the newly funded startup, to hear their story behind building this company that’s catering to Black college students interested in joining tech. Origin...

Njera Perkins

Mar 13, 2020