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Bridging The Gap: How Xero Is Working To Increase Diversity In Accounting

Picture this: You’ve just graduated from college, and you’re excited about your first day with a fantastic company you met at a recent career fair. Your outfit’s meticulously put together, your energy is high and you’re ready to make your mark. As you enter the building, giving smiles and nods from behind your mask, you’re escorted to the board room where new hire orientation is held. While everyone gets settled, you look to your left and right and notice you’re the only Black person in the room. Immediately, you shift from excitement to wondering the best ways to navigate this space as you move forward in your career. Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar for people of color entering the workforce. No matter how robust the diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are, being the “only one” removes the sense of belonging even within companies that are doing the work. Representation matters, and the people at Xero aren’t satisfied with the disparity in representation among...

Nov 15, 2021