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Founder Marc Washington Launched Muniq to Improve Health in Underserved Communities

The health disparities that exist for Black and brown people in America are largely attributed to their unequal access to healthcare and a lack of accessible resources, including medication, proper insurance, and nutritious food options. Although these communities have the most health issues related to food and nutrition, there are still few products on the market that exist to encourage healthier living practices. This led businessman and founder, Marc Washington, to launch his own wellness startup to help cater to the needs of his community. Muniq — a prebiotic consumer wellness brand designed to help people improve their gut health — was created by Washington as part of his life-long mission to help others get ahold of chronic health issues they battle. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Supergut (@supergut) As a Princeton and Harvard graduate with years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Washington was inspired to launch Muniq because of his little...

Njera Perkins

Oct 12, 2020