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How to Launch a Website in 30 Days

Looking for a complete guide to launching a website for your small business in 30 days? You’ve come to the right place. HOW TO LAUNCH A WEBSITE IN 30 DAYS Day 1 Start with a goal. Day 2 Grab an unforgettable domain name. Day 3 Choose a hosting plan. Day 4 Pick a reliable content management system (CMS). Day 5 Customize the look of your site to fit your brand. Day 6 Customize your favicon, which is the small icon next to your website address in the address bar. Day 7 Create a logo that represents your brand. Day 8 Add a retina logo so that your site logo looks great on high-resolution screens. Day 9 Add social share images, which appear in snippets when someone shares your website on social media. Day 10 Create high-quality, goal-driven content. Day 11 Set up Google Analytics. Day 12 Increase website security using plugins like Sucuri or MalCare. Also, make sure you have an SSL certificate. Day 13 Protect your site against spam using plugins like AntiSpam Bee or Akismet. Day 14 Use a...


Nov 7, 2020

How to Start a Web Design Business in 3 Steps

Web design is a booming industry and will only continue to grow as more entrepreneurs go online. If you want to start your own web design business, don’t get discouraged by the requirements you think you need to meet.  You don’t need to enroll in an expensive web design course. As long as you’re willing to commit to your business and dedicate a lot of your time, having a lucrative web design business can be your reality. HOW TO START A WEB DESIGN BUSINESS IN 3 STEPS Starting a web design business is more than just choosing a company and domain name. Let’s get into the other important aspects of a web design business. 1. STAND OUT FROM COMPETITORS While the web design industry is teeming with opportunity, it’s also highly saturated with ambitious web designers like you. So it’s important to set your business apart from others. For example, if everyone else is selling “responsive”, “beautiful”, “professional”, and “affordable” web design services, you can sell “fast” web design. Some...


Nov 5, 2020