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Three Great Cameras to Take Your Vlogging to the Next Level

Vlogging can help individuals, influencers, and businesses sell products, grow brand awareness, and increase engagement on their social media channels. Given that users engage more with video content than written, audio, or static image content on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram , vlogging is an indispensable component of successful content marketing plans. However, effective vlogging requires a consistent stream of well-produced content. While many users crave authentic content and may embrace smartphone footage from some individuals and influencers, low-quality content can hurt a brand’s image. And while a talented video editor may be able to do wonders with raw footage, it takes time (and money) to polish amateur footage. It’s better to shoot great footage the first go-round rather than try to fix it on the back-end. That starts with having a great vlogging camera. Key Features Standard handheld video cameras aren’t the best tools to produce the kind of engaging...

Oct 7, 2020