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Dr. Danielle Richardson Wants to Educate the Black Community on Proper Vision Care

It’s no secret that African Americans have been hit harder than any other group by COVID-19 . However, even before the pandemic, we knew that the Black community was at a disadvantage in the healthcare system. According to Cigna , a leading healthcare provider, Black people are 80 percent more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, and 20 percent more likely to have visual impairments. Black women are also 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer. Dr. Danielle Richardson, an LA-based optometrist at Zak , is trying to help reduce these disparities. Dr. Richardson is a glaucoma-certified therapeutic optometrist and hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Indiana University Bloomington and a Doctor of Optometry degree from Indiana University School of Optometry. She is also licensed to practice optometry in New York, Texas, and California. Dr. Richardson is passionate about educating communities of color about the importance of proper...

Colleen Williams

Jul 23, 2020