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Jade Weatherington Retired From Teaching After Launching A Virtual Academy That Rakes In Over $10K/Month

If you’re of a particular age, then Saturday morning cartoons were a thing. One of the most famous cartoons was based on ensuring children learned some critical themes surrounding grammar, civics, and science, entitled “School House Rock!” While the popular cartoon is a thing of the past, at its peak, it was innovative programming that offered a new perspective and approach to childhood education. Since then, educators have been developing new ways to level up the learning path, and Jade Weatherington has made her mark in that space.

Dec 13, 2022

Best After School Tips for Virtual Learners

After your child has been doing virtual lessons all day, it’s time for them to relax and unwind before beginning homework and the rest of their afternoon routine.  Your child can relieve the stress of the school day and enjoy their favorite activities such as playing basketball, playing tag, and walking the dog around the neighborhood.  Another idea would be to give them crafts to do if it’s raining outside after school.  Here are additional ideas. Discuss The Details of Your Child’s Day Bond with your child after school by talking to them about how his school day went.  Ask them what the best and worst parts of their day were.  If there are certain topics or hobbies that interest them, look for ways that the two of you can learn about them and even do them together.  For example, if your child develops an interest in candy making, you can watch online videos or print out a simple candy recipe that you can make together.  Limit other distractions such as the phone or TV when talking...

Aug 22, 2020