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After 11 Years In Prison, Derrick Faulcon Opened The First Black-Owned Business In Brooklyn Heights

A Black-owned business’ success in one city has transformed to make history in another.

Feb 27, 2023

Pinky Cole's 4-Year-Old Slutty Vegan Brand Valued At $100M After Raising $25M Series A Funding Round

Aisha “Pinky” Cole and the Slutty Vegan brand continue to smash ceilings. Per For(bes) The Culture, Cole announced that she managed to raise $25 million in a Series A funding round. Her brand now sits at $100 million. With the goal of building a billion-dollar brand, she may be well on her way with not just the popular four-year-old vegan burger chain, but also a foundation, shoe deal, and many other lucrative moves under her belt.

May 9, 2022

NLE Choppa Launches Vegan Food Truck To Help Decrease The Crime Rate In His Hometown Of Memphis

NLE Choppa is enacting change in his hometown of Memphis, TN with his latest venture. In a Twitter post on Sept. 25, the budding rapper announced the launch of his vegan food truck — This Can’t Be Vegan. NLE’s This Can’t Be Vegan Food Truck Is Official Up And Running. First Pop Up Will Be At The Eat To Live Vegan Fest At 645 E Georgia Ave, Memphis, TN 38126 FOLLOW @nlethiscantbevegan On Instagram For More Updates On Locations In The Future 💜 — NLE Choppa (@Nlechoppa1) September 25, 2021 NLE Choppa envisions his vegan food truck as a means to help decrease Memphis’ crime rate, as well as to improve education. “Memphis, I feel like, is a place where vegan food is needed the most ’cause I know, just by getting our hands on better food will change the thought process,” he said in a video on Twitter. “Possibly the crime rate will go down, scholars will go up, anything. Bro, I have a vegan food truck that will be mobile across the city, from hood to hood, suburb...

Sep 27, 2021