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Meet Valerie Daniels-Carter, the Woman Behind the Largest Female-Owned Franchise Organization in the U.S.

This minority owner of the Milwaukee Bucks has built a fast-food empire, but not just any fast-food empire — the largest female owned franchise organization in the country. Valerie Daniels-Carter started at a young age and she is now reaping the rewards. Her journey began in 1982 when she and John Daniels Jr. founded V & J Foods, Inc., according to the company’s website. V & J Holding Companies, Inc. (V&J) is not only the largest female-owned franchise organization in the U.S. but the largest minority-owned Pizza Hut franchisee in the U.S. All of the restaurants combined make V & J one of the largest restaurant franchise companies in the country. After taking out a sizable loan to get started, Black Enterprise reports Daniels-Carter was able to break ground on her first Burger King restaurant in 1984 and by 1998 V & J’s portfolio included 67 Pizza Huts and 32 Burger Kings. For Daniels-Carter the road to becoming the head of the largest minority-owned franchise company in the country...

Shanique Yates

Mar 31, 2021