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Couple Buys West Philadelphia Restaurant For $3.3M But Will Keep What Makes It Special — 'It Feels Like Home'

This Philadelphia restaurant has new owners, but the vibe will remain the same.

Shanique Yates

Apr 19, 2023

NFL Linebacker Brandon Copeland Gives Life Lessons Off The Field As A Professor For The University Of Pennsylvania

One critique of the public school system is its lack of real-life application. While the Pythagorean theorem has its place somewhere in life, we’re sure the practical use of such a formula pales in comparison to the ability to create a budget, complete a resume, or launch a business. Critics have long argued that while traditional school curriculums are great, adding more classes centered around life skills would help propel students further. NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland made this concept a reality by proposing a life skills course at the University of Pennsylvania. The college accepted the idea, and Life 101 was born.

Josh Rodgers

Sep 7, 2022