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Steph Curry’s Unanimous Media Launches Initiative to Amplify Diverse Voices in Entertainment

Steph Curry’s multimedia production company, Unanimous Media, has announced the launch of Pathways Alliance — a new development initiative that aims to give diverse talent opportunities a chance to amplify their creative voices and visions across TV, film, documentaries and podcasts. Variety reports that over an 18-month period, the Unanimous team and the Underrated Book Club team will be working with select authors to create new projects across these entertainment mediums. According to Deadline, Unanimous Media co-founder and CCO Erick Peyton stated that, “Stephen and I wanted to launch an initiative where we could work with authors to not just option their material but wholly invest in them. By tapping into our relationships and partnerships, we are able to amplify these authors and create a platform for their ideas to be developed and heard.” “Unanimous is creating a media ecosystem in TV, film and audio and it is important that we shepherd new voices into that system,” he added....

Njera Perkins

Mar 15, 2021

Black Newborns 3 Times More Likely to Die Under Care of White Doctors, Study Shows

Studies show that Black babies are three times more likely to die during childbirth if cared for by White doctors in the United States reports CNN . This shows racial disparities in human health have an effect on a person even in their first few hours of life. Research showed that after Black physicians took charge of the birth, the mortality rate of Black newborns decreased between 39 percent and 58 percent, according to George Mason University Research . On the other hand, that same research revealed mortality rates for White babies wasn’t affected by the doctor’s race on a scale as wide as it is for Black babies. These findings also support prior research that shows that although infant mortality rates have fallen in the past decades, Black children are still more likely to die earlier than their white counterparts. The authors of the study reveal “the findings suggest that Black physicians outperform their White colleagues when caring for Black newborns,” according to CNN . They...

Shanique Yates

Aug 18, 2020

Turning Dreams into Reality: How Wonder Women Tech's Lisa Mae Brunson is Disrupting the Status Quo and Changing the World

According to a comprehensive study entitled Women and Girls of Color in Computing , U.S. women obtain less than 20 percent of college degrees in computer science, and minority women make up less than 10 percent of women earning undergraduate degrees in the field. While the numbers tell one story, they fail to showcase a more troublesome tale of the barriers to access that lurk behind them. Barriers like these are precisely what Wonder Women Tech Founder Lisa Mae Brunson is seeking to deconstruct. During her childhood, Brunson, who is Black and Latina, observed barriers to opportunity firsthand. “I knew I was capable of great things, but not having that support meant that I lacked access to opportunity,” said Brunson. Seeing the inequities in her own world made Brunson want to make a difference in adulthood. “My mom told me that as a child, I walked around saying, ‘I want to change the world,’” she said. When she grew up, Brunson went about doing just that. In 2014, Brunson...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 23, 2020

Recruitment Platform Jumpstart Aims to Increase Diversity and Raised $8.5M in Funding

Jumpstart, the California-based recruitment platform that targets a younger job market, has reached an important milestone. The company just closed on its Series A funding round , raising a total of $8.5 million. The funding round, led by venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital enables the team to end the year on a positive note. Established in 2017, Jumpstart matches companies with entry-level talent. Candidates are sought largely for engineering positions, internships, and other early-stage roles. The approach seems simple enough, but Jumpstart offers a twist to the traditional recruitment paradigm. The company sets itself apart by using algorithms to comprehensively assess candidates, rather than viewing them from a more narrow lens. It also partners with universities and top companies seeking to fill junior positions, saving them considerable time. Jumpstart’s integrated resource model is more inclusive, preventing talented candidates from being overlooked based on the ranking of...

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 20, 2019