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Turning Dreams into Reality: How Wonder Women Tech's Lisa Mae Brunson is Disrupting the Status Quo and Changing the World

According to a comprehensive study entitled Women and Girls of Color in Computing , U.S. women obtain less than 20 percent of college degrees in computer science, and minority women make up less than 10 percent of women earning undergraduate degrees in the field. While the numbers tell one story, they fail to showcase a more troublesome tale of the barriers to access that lurk behind them. Barriers like these are precisely what Wonder Women Tech Founder Lisa Mae Brunson is seeking to deconstruct. During her childhood, Brunson, who is Black and Latina, observed barriers to opportunity firsthand. “I knew I was capable of great things, but not having that support meant that I lacked access to opportunity,” said Brunson. Seeing the inequities in her own world made Brunson want to make a difference in adulthood. “My mom told me that as a child, I walked around saying, ‘I want to change the world,’” she said. When she grew up, Brunson went about doing just that. In 2014, Brunson...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 23, 2020