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Pinterest Reconfirms Its Commitment to Diversity

Diversity has a new name, and it is called Pinterest . The popular social media company is reconfirming its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Pinterest’s latest annual report underscores that commitment, highlighting ways that the company is recruiting, retaining, and promoting talent across various backgrounds. The report illustrates ways in which Pinterest is not only meeting, but also exceeding, target goals. For example, the company aimed to increase the percentage of historically underrepresented minority engineers to eight percent; it exceeded that goal, reaching a figure of nine percent. It also managed to steer hiring rates for minority employees up to 14 percent. The area in which Pinterest made the most significant progress is in the recruitment of women. Overall, it brought the rate at which it hires women for full-time engineering positions to 27 percent. While the annual report paints a great picture of Pinterest’s considerable effort, the company acknowledges that...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 24, 2020