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Umber Publishing Founder Mike Nicholls Wants To Give Power Back To Black-Owned Media Companies

Like many things in this country that are created out of a sense of repression, Black-owned media companies are just one avenue that has allowed us to take up space and tell our own stories authentically. There’s media conglomerates like Umber Publishing who are giving birth to a new narrative for Black media and keeping the seemingly lost art of print alive and well. Umber Publishing — an independent publishing house based in Oakland, CA — was founded by visual artist and designer Mike Nicholls as a means to provide a platform for Black and people of color to share their worldly and creative perspectives about their own lived experiences. What was originally founded as a single publication back in 2017 has grown to become a full-blown publishing company that’s amplifying the stories of marginalized voices in a way that gives power back to Black media who wish to control their own narratives. “One thing that these white-owned outlets have, for lack of a better word, is legacy and...

May 27, 2021