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Twitter is Testing New Pop Up Profiles to Improve Threads

Twitter is currently set up so clicking someone’s handle brings you directly to their profile. This can be frustrating if you’re deep in a thread because it pulls you out of what you’re reading.  In an effort to make conversations easier to follow, Twitter is testing new pop up profiles to improve threads . Anyone involved on Black Twitter knows threads are important. Twitter threads are what allows people to tell iconic stories, share resources, or just form a single cohesive thought. On Tuesday, Twitter announced a new feature that can improve threads , stating, “We’re testing an easier way to check out profiles on iOS without leaving your timeline! Simply tap any @ handle in a Tweet, take a peek, follow, and get right back to it.” The new feature creates mini “pop up” profiles that you can click on to see, instead of being taken to a user’s entire page. With the new feature, you’ll be able to see someone’s full bio, follower counts, and even when they joined Twitter. There will...

Vanessa Taylor

Feb 14, 2019

Twitter Says That Protected Tweets For Android Users Were Exposed For Years

Twitter users with Androids were in for an unpleasant surprise when the platform notified them that a bug in its system made their “protected tweets” accessible for years. On January 17, Twitter said in a blog post that Android users’ tweets were exposed if “certain account changes were made.” The company said that Android users who changed their email address associated with their accounts between November 3, 2014, and January 14, 2019 were vulnerable to the bug. Web users and iOS users were not impacted by the bug. Twitter apologized in the blog post and encouraged users to review their privacy settings to ensure the settings reflect their preferences. Twitter did not say how many users had been affected. “We are providing this broader notice through the Twitter Help Center since we can’t confirm every account that may have been impacted,” the company said. This is the latest bug in a string of social media platform mishaps and now the Irish Data Protection Commission is...

Arriana McLymore

Jan 19, 2019