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21-Year-Old Kai Cenat Says The Best Purchase From His Streaming Fame Was The Home He Bought For His Mom

There’s nothing better than being able to give back to your loved ones. Kai Cenat has risen as one of today’s most popular streamers. With popularity comes the perks such as being able to buy what you once couldn’t afford. In an interview on “360 With Speedy,” the 21-year-old recalled one of his most memorable purchases: buying his mom a house.

Jul 25, 2023

If Twitch Users Pay $5 To Subscribe To Kai Cenat's Streaming Per Month, Exactly How Much Does He Generate?

If you’re tapped into the streaming world, you’ve most likely heard the name Kai Cenat. As AfroTech previously told you, in February, the 21-year-old was reportedly the first Black streamer to reach 200,000 subscribers on Twitch. Additionally, he was said to be only the third person to achieve the milestone.

Jul 18, 2023