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Which Of The Hot Boys Has The Highest Net Worth?

25 years after the Hot Boys first hit the scene, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Turk, and B.G. are still making waves in the industry. As Lil Wayne explained in his “Behind the Music” episode back in 2009, the Hot Boys were first formed in the summer of 1997, and their debut album, “Get It How U Live!” sold 400,00 copies on the success of such singles as “Block Burner.” Subsequently, the Hot Boys would appear in each of the member’s solo projects, and they can notably be seen in Lil Wayne’s video “Tha Block is Hot” and B.G.’s “Bling Bling.” Even though the group is no longer together, they’re still finding ways to work together against all odds. The first time the Hot Boys worked together after they disbanded was in 2009, when Lil Wayne — arguably, the biggest breakout star of the group — brought out Juvenile and B.G. during a tour stop in New Orleans. At the time, both Wayne and B.G. confirmed to Baller Alert that a Hot Boys reunion was in the works. “We was Hot Boys then, now we Hot Men,”...