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What Is Tracy Morgan's Reported Net Worth In 2023?

Tracy Morgan is a comedian and actor who is known for his unique delivery and candid demeanor. The Brooklyn native has a career with significant milestones and highlights across stand-up, television and movies including stints on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) and a lead role in “30 Rock.” While his acting and comedy are what he is most known for, his brush with fate when he was caught in a car accident with a Walmart shipping truck in 2014 put him even further in the spotlight. Morgan went on to make a full recovery and returned to acting as well as performing standup. With a career that spans nearly four decades and countless accolades, exactly how much is Tracy Morgan worth? Tracy Morgan’s Early Life Tracy Morgan was born in Brooklyn in 1969 and is the second of five children . He noted that he was often bullied at school. As is common with many comedians, his early life was often marked with tragedy. His parents separated when he was just six years old and by the time he was in...