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Black Woman CEO Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Exclusively Support Women

Gaining capital for startup companies is a challenge in itself, but recently there’s been an outpour of initiatives and programs being created to provide more funding for minority entrepreneurs. Many women and minorities are almost always left out of lucrative venture capitalist funding, and according to Crunchbase , women-founded startups only receive about 9 percent of investments. To help more women entrepreneurs gain financial independence, Tracy Garley — founding partner and CEO of GoFundHer — launched a new crowdfunding platform committed to helping women receive the financial and community support they need, Black Enterprise reports . Photo credit: Instagram / @_gofundher With a goal in mind to advocate for women’s dream ventures, the Liberian-born entrepreneur partnered with crowdfunding owner and founding partner Roger Mensah to bring her vision to life. “I developed the crowdfunding website and social club as sister companies embracing the causes of girls and women,”...

Jul 9, 2020