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Here's How Khalid David Provides Construction Workers With A One-Stop Shop To Manage & Track Projects

When it comes to construction one may not think about the heavy lifting that technology can do to ensure that projects are able to come full circle — that is until TracFlo came to life! Khalid David — founder of TracFlo — hails from a family of construction work and knows the pain points that are faced by both contractors and consumers. “I typically ask people if they’ve ever done a kitchen or bathroom renovation,” said David in an interview with AfroTech. “You’ll discover that it starts at one price and ends up at another price and that’s because there are always unforeseen changes. That’s a part of the construction industry.” Whenever something is being built, like the commercial skyscraper in the downtown area of a particular city, the changes in tow can often cost tens of millions of dollars. With TracFlo, contractors are able to track and manage project costs in a one-stop shop, which saves them both time and money.

Dec 9, 2021