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President And CEO Of TIAA Thasunda Brown Duckett Makes Forbes' List Of 'The World’s Most Powerful Women'

What classifies a woman as “powerful?” According to Forbes, money, media, impact, and spheres of influence make “The World’s Most Powerful Women” in 2023.

Ngozi Nwanji

Dec 6, 2023

The Power Of AI - TIAA Partners With Google Cloud To Delight Its Clients

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now pervasive across communities. From ChatGPT assisting with drafting work emails to some of the culture’s favorite songs being reimagined by different artists, AI is ever-present. With the advancement of technology, companies are starting to think through and implement what it means to have AI as a part of the operational model. TIAA, a leading financial services and investment firm, is a part of that organizational shift – implementing AI technology to delight their clients. One example of this implementation is a partnership with Google Cloud. TIAA is using AI in its everyday service offerings to improve its analytical approach in its National Contact Center (NCC). The NCC is central to the TIAA customer offering when it comes to responding to requests for financial guidance and retirement planning strategies from new, existing and future clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction and more streamlined operational methods, applying Natural...

Josh Rodgers

Jun 7, 2023

Career Soundtrack: How A Cybersecurity Analyst Found Her Professional Path with TIAA

Zapp and Roger was among the most popular R&B and Soul groups of the 80s and early 90s. The group is most notably known for its chart-topping hit, “Computer Love.”   The song describes a love so strong and unique that it transcends the world we all know and permeates into a digital universe. With the pervasiveness of dating apps, this concept is now a part of many people’s realities. But at the time of the song’s release, it was an innovative thought for all the aunties and uncles out there hoping to connect with the love of their life.   Although Zapp and Roger’s autotuned classic still gets the people going, for TIAA Lead Information Security Analyst, Amber Black, this kind of digital love has been the soundtrack to her professional career.   AfroTech had a chance to speak with Black about her journey as a technologist and her work with TIAA.   Cybersecurity has many different connotations. One of the misconceptions is that the field involves handling misguided content from...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 25, 2023

How This Employee Found the Perfect Fit at TIAA

Ever gone to try on clothes while shopping and had to go through several iterations before you got it right? And all of a sudden, you find the perfect fit that meets all of your needs. This trial and error process, which sometimes can be tedious, led you to be confident that you made the right decision. Although finding and landing a job is not as trivial as finding the perfect outfit for a night out, the principle of staying persistent and not settling for less than the best is the same. Day after day, people are scrolling through many job search sites to land what they believe is their dream job. Companies are just as consistent as they seek to recruit talented people that can help them grow. This marriage between talent and organizations is quite nuanced, but one that the people at TIAA believe they have a good grasp on. TIAA is an over 100-year-old financial services organization that started with the aim to ensure educators have dignity in the retirement process and has now...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 21, 2023

Meet The Richest Black CEOs Of Fortune 500 Companies In America In 2021

While Black CEOs are becoming more commonplace as years go on, they’re still a relatively rare phenomenon in the grand scheme of things. According to Fortune, less than one percent of all companies throughout the country have a Black leader at the helm. In the entire history of the Fortune 500 list, there have only been 18 CEOs in total who have identified as Black — and the peak number on the Fortune 500 list was in 2012 when six Black men made the list. The numbers get even bleaker when the gender factor is weighed in. Until 2016, only one Black woman helmed a Fortune 500 company — and history was made when two Black women became CEOs of major national corporations. And these numbers are despite the fact that Black people make up about 13 percent of the American population. The good news is, things are starting to look up (albeit ever so slowly). In June 2021, it was announced that not one, but two , Black women became CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (Roz Brewer of Walgreens Boots...

Financing Company TIAA Expands Commitment to Minority Suppliers to Strengthen the Economy

TIAA — a Fortune 100 financial services company and pension fund giant — has been a longtime supporter of diverse and unique suppliers, but now has plans to strengthen its commitment by spending more on goods and services from those minority firms. According to a statement from the company, TIAA launched its Supplier Diversity Program nearly 30 years ago to support the need to build relationships with diverse and diverse-conscious enterprises. TIAA recently published its Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Report , in which it includes initiatives to develop strong working relationships with suppliers owned by minorities of unique backgrounds, including women, veterans, disabled people, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals. “We are proud of the work we’ve done to support and celebrate diverse and minority-owned businesses, but we know we must do more,” said Glenn Richter, Chief Financial Officer at TIAA, in a statement . “As our nation continues to reel from...

Njera Perkins

Nov 17, 2020