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Entrepreneur Dennis McKinley Says 'It All Starts With A Desire,' When It Comes to Successfully Franchising A Business

“It all starts with a desire. How hard do you want to go?” is the question that Dennis McKinley says all people should ask themselves if they have the interest in hopping on the franchise board. The Black Tech Green Money podcast is all about giving listeners the necessary keys to not only get to the money but achieve success while doing it. Host Will Lucas is joined this week by McKinley, who automatically has that hustler spirit having been born and raised in Detroit, MI. An investor, restaurateur, and all around serial entrepreneur, McKinley not only secured the rights to The Original Hot Dog Factory housed in Atlanta, GA, back in 2015 but revamped and rebranded the business to set it on a new path to success. He tells Lucas about how it all started at Subway, explains how he stumbled upon The Original Hot Dog Factory and gives us the blueprint on how to achieve that same success as a franchise operator. For McKinley, he was blessed at a young age to have mentors and teachers who...

Jan 19, 2021