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This Black Woman-Owned Accelerator Program is Leading the Future for Women Entrepreneurs

“The future is femme” is becoming less of a trend and more of a fact as more and more women-owned businesses launch across the country. Even as an underfunded demographic of the U.S. population, Black women entrepreneurs are leading the charge for launching the most start-ups in America. According to Fast Company , last year women of color accounted for 89 percent of the new businesses opened every day and that number has grown faster than the overall rate of new women-owned businesses in the past five years. Starting a new business isn’t easy, which is why The Access Project wants to help women entrepreneurs get access to the resources and funding they need to succeed. The Access Project is a non-profit, seed-stage startup accelerator for women-owned businesses that leverages the expertise of the fashion and beauty industries, namely branding, marketing, and design. Their mission is to meet women entrepreneurs where they are and lend their expertise by providing mentorship and...

May 26, 2020