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Taking Their Business To New Heights with American Express: How The Terminal B Brand Took Off

Like most of us, the 2020 lockdown forced Chris and Fay Breedlove to reevaluate their relationship with travel. It had been a central part of their lives together since they met as law students at Howard University, leading them to over 44 cities in 15 countries over the course of their courtship and marriage. As they dreamt of revisiting some of their favorite destinations, Fay came up with the idea of creating a scent that captured some of the cities they had fallen in love with. “Fay’s initial thought for starting this whole business was that she wanted to get the scent of Singapore Changi International Airport, which is funny because that airport is a destination itself, and definitely analogous to Singapore as a whole,” Chris says. And thus, Terminal B, a luxury fragrance brand built around their love of travel, was born. The company itself is named after the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, with the letter B representing both the...

Tai Saint-Louis

Jan 26, 2023