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These 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs (Plus How to Get Certified)

Technology dominates society in our everyday lives. From smartphones to web-enabled dashboards in our cars to smart homes, it is all around us. For this reason, there has been an explosion in the job market over the past decade. While data engineers and programmers have always been in demand, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence in the past few years has added further fuel to the fire. The job market is full of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) related jobs that offer some of the highest salaries out there. More and more new positions are being created daily to keep up with this technology-driven world, and they do not always require a college degree. An increase in technology-related certificates and coding boot camps has given people new access to very high-paying careers. With an average six-figure salary for each in-demand job, the education or time spent in a boot camp can be well worth it. Furthermore, once in this field,...

Dec 1, 2023

This Program Wants to Provide You With the Access You Need to Break into the Industry

LinkedIn revealed earlier this year that a person is nine times more likely to get a job through a referral . The obvious question is if someone doesn’t have a big professional network, how can they break into getting a middle class job? A lack of social capital becomes a burden for job applicants who feel they have done everything “right” in their journey, yet struggle to secure a career opportunity. Thankfully there are programs whose purpose is to help people build professional networks, and learn technical and soft skills to get a great job. Climb Hire — founded by Nitzan Pelman in 2019 — is one of them. The Bay Area-based non-for-profit startup — funded by Eric Schmidt, a former CEO of Google — creates economic opportunity for hidden talent. They train people to become Salesforce administrators . Salesforce is a massive $16 billion company and according to the IDC , they are projecting over 3.3 million new jobs will be created by the end of 2022. Gaining technical skills is an...

Dec 19, 2019

Silicon Valley's  Wage Gap is Widening, But The Top 10 Percent Keep Getting Richer

Low wage workers in Silicon Valley are not reaping the benefits of the region’s economic growth. According to a report funded by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, workers’ wages are now less than they were 20 years ago although Silicon Valley has experienced steady economic growth. There has also been a disproportionate 25 percent increase in low-wage jobs, while the number of middle and upper wage jobs declined. Wages have stagnated for nearly 90 percent of the workforce with a decreasing share of total output going to tech’s employees. Amazon announced earlier this month that it is increasing hourly wages from $11 to $15 after hitting a $1 trillion market cap in September. The new wages are set to go into effect On November 1. Amazon said that it is also ending its monthly bonuses and stock rewards for warehouse workers to help fund the wage increase. Comparatively, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos makes more than $28,000, the median salary for an Amazon employee, every 10 seconds. Older tech...

Oct 15, 2018