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Prefer to Work Alone? There Could Be A Lucrative Tech Job Waiting For You

It takes all different kinds of people to make the world go ’round. However, in an industry that relentlessly pushes collaboration and teamwork, it can be hard for introverts to find their footing. Some of us thrive when working alone. We don’t like offices, meetings, and chatty coworkers. Give us a nice quiet corner with a hot cup of tea and watch us create magic. If you’re one of these people trying to find a career in tech, here are some solid options to consider: Research Scientist Research scientists spend most of their time designing, executing, and reporting on controlled tests. Big Tech companies like Google , Facebook , and Amazon drive developments in artificial intelligence and deep learning as well as find new ways to provide more value to customers. These positions often require P.h.Ds in the specific field, as well as prior experience in a research environment. However, if the idea of spending your days researching and testing advanced technology gets you excited, you...

Colleen Williams

Dec 2, 2019