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Study Shows Tech Workers are Still Willing to Work For Big Companies Despite Scandals

Lack of diversity, discrimination, and pay gaps have been ongoing topics in the tech industry, and major spotlights have been put on big companies like Facebook and Google. Despite data and privacy scandals, being called out for its dismal diversity by a former manager , Facebook’s time in the news has not stopped people from wanting to work with there. According to a report by Indeed, 59 percent of tech workers aren’t discouraged by the scandals in the tech industry and are still willing to work for companies embroiled in scandals, Forbes reported. In fact, 34 percent of Indeed’s 1000 respondents said that scandals make the industry more interesting. This can possibly be attributed to workers who want to solve big tech issues from the inside. It could also mean that the time, money and training it takes to enter the field are more important to some workers than staying away from a company experiencing controversy. According to the study, men don’t mind working for scandal ridden...

Mar 7, 2019