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Mindful Tips to Help Cope With Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis

The past few weeks have been extremely rough on the public, especially as more and more cases of COVID-19 continue to grow in large numbers. With many people now on lockdown and self-quarantining, everyone is looking for ways to stay sane and not let the rapid spread of this virus stress them out. People around the world have taken to social media to start healthy trends, finding creative ways to pass the time as we all self-isolate. From live-streamed concerts to Netflix watch parties, we’re all trying to find the best ways to cope and stay connected. Celebrities like Lizzo have even made it a priority to spread positive energy on social media with some soothing content. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) Our saving grace through this crisis has been technology. Social media, apps, video platforms, and many other mediums have provided us with some useful methods to keep us calm and productive. For those looking for ways to escape their...

Njera Perkins

Mar 22, 2020

Combat Your Anxiety by Developing an Effective Morning Routine

Morning anxiety is real when stresses like a massive to-do list, an inbox full of emails, and a slew of scheduled conference calls are the first thing on your mind. While it’s logical to think the sooner you get started on your day, the more stuff you’ll get done, research shows that millions of people feel their productivity plummets when under stress and full of anxiety. Taking some time to develop a morning routine that combats stress can be a game-changer that increases your productivity throughout the day. Prep the Night Before Having an effective morning routine starts with the night before. Depending on your schedule the next day, you might need to go to bed a bit earlier. If you’re due in the office, you want to decide what you’ll wear the night before, pack your lunch, and do anything else you can to prep the night before. This can make your mornings run smooth and reduce the urge to panic and stress. Review Your To-Do List Reviewing your to-do list in the morning instead...

Devin Crudup

Nov 6, 2019