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Stevie J May Be A 'Love & Hip Hop' Legend, But His $5M Net Worth Shows He's More Than His TV Persona

Love it or hate it, some people will live in infamy based on their public personas. From their on-air antics to the impacts (good or bad) they’ve made on culture, there’s a cohort of people who have a special gift of making a lasting impression — one way or another. Hitmaker Stevie J is in that category. Born Steven Aaron Jordan, Stevie J is a record producer, DJ, and most currently known as a television personality. He rose in the music industry in the early 1990s as a member of Puffy’s Hitmen squad, an ensemble of producers curated by Diddy. His time with Bad Boy was well spent as he was the musical mastermind behind some of Hip-Hop’s greatest hits, like “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “Honey,” and “I’ll Be Missing You,” for which he won a Grammy. Throughout the 1990s, the New York native had a string of hits that made him a bonafide hitman with consecutive Billboard chart rankings. With music as his first love and passion, Stevie J rose to success and amassed a net worth of $5 million,...

Josh Rodgers

Oct 31, 2022