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Black-Led Pocstock Raises $500K In A Seed Funding Round

Pocstock, a global diversity content company, has successfully raised funds to further tap into artificial intelligence (AI).

Oct 27, 2023

This Founder Is On A Mission To Ensure People Of Color Are Represented Through Stock Photography

Have you ever been on the hunt to find good-quality images of people of color but didn’t really have much luck? This founder is on a mission to help. To change that reality and showcase representation, Steve Jones launched a diverse media agency embracing the distinct and touching stories of minority groups overlooked by the media. The ideation for a media agency began in 2013. Jones’ career was small-business focused and aimed to help businesses build and execute high-impact experiences through engaging digital strategies. Over the tenure of Jones’ career, he noticed it was difficult to find great quality images of minority groups despite the heightened priority for diversity among people and corporations. “We go to work, we wear suits, we dress professionally, we have different styles, and different ways that we look. Yet, there was no place you could find these variations in looks and people,” Steve Jones told AfroTech. Once Jones closed his company, The Circl, in 2017, he...

Dec 14, 2021