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Stephen Jackson Reveals The Amount Of His First NBA Paycheck — And How He Blew It All In A Day

Every so often, the projected lottery earnings get so high that people contemplate what they would do if their numbers hit. From quitting their jobs to spending an insane amount of the winnings on big purchases, most people have an idea of how they would spend that first big check. Although playing the lottery is quite different from earning money as a professional athlete, the concept of how some people ideate spending the first big check is pretty aligned. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson understands this concept. On an episode of the Iced Coffee Hour podcast, the Texas native revealed that he nearly spent his entire first check in just one day.

Nov 7, 2022

Ice Cube Claims The NBA And ESPN Are 'Doing Everything In Their Powers' To Destroy His BIG3 Basketball League

Ice Cube’s BIG3 has been making noise as of late for being certified as the first professional Black-owned sports league.

Oct 17, 2022