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4 Familiar Faces That Surprisingly Pursued Degrees In STEM

STEM degrees have grown significantly in popularity. According to College Counselor Services, these degrees have exploded in popularity over the past decade, especially as digital technology and computers have become a part of our everyday lives. The outlet reports that biology & biomedical sciences are the most sought-after STEM degrees, followed by degrees in mathematics & statistics, and computer science & technology rounds out the top three. What’s more, the National Science Foundation confirms that Black students — especially Black women — are seeing the value of these degrees, and are flocking to them in record numbers. “Women in the STEM workforce increased from 32% in 2010 to 34% in 2019, nearly all of which was related to an increase in the proportion of women with a bachelor’s degree or higher in STEM, from 42% (5 million workers) in 2010 to 44% (7 million workers) in 2019,” the government agency said in its most recent report. “The proportion of women in the STW in 2010...