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Is Spyware On Your Computer? Here’s How You Check

If you’re an avid user of the internet, spyware is something you should be concerned about. A lot of users ignore online spying, with the belief that it has no effect on them. However, if you have ever typed out your financial or login details with your computer keyboard, read your mail, or do anything with your computer you would consider private, chances are you were being watched. Spyware could be installed on your computer for a lot of reasons; to monitor your emails, call logs and messages, to steal your credit card or login details, or even to view your browser history. Apart from compromising your privacy, spyware slows down your computer, making it difficult to function optimally. There are lots of ways Spyware could get into your computer. Most people would not consciously install spyware on their device, so hackers design them in the form of Trojans. When you install programs that are not trustworthy or visit malicious links and websites, spyware can make its way into your...

Sep 24, 2018