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Missy Elliott Was Accused Of Coming For A Majority Of This Hit Track's Royalties — So, Here's A Brief Rundown

Missy Elliott is a legend — who is also all about her coins. The DMV legend found herself in the headlines when Jowell — of the popular reggaeton group, Jowell Y Randy — brought her name up in an interview. In his interview, he claimed that Elliott threatened to sue and “demanded millions” when it was revealed that the Bad Bunny hit, “Safaera,” sampled more than a little bit from “Get Ur Freak On.” Naturally, Jowell’s comment unleashed a tirade of online hatred against Missy Elliott. And at one point, things got so bad that an Ariana Grande fan page called out Jowell for his comments in his interview. Thank you jowel! Thank you for all the hate your interview is bringing Missy! Had you explained that there was 6 samples and 15 writers maybe they wouldn't all be attacking Missy for no reason because she took "everything" — Ariana Fanpage (@BigAriGrande) March 16, 2022 Things only got worse when Jowell doubled down on his comments. Fuck that! Let them enjoy...