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Why More Celebs Are Endorsing and Investing in the $500B Crypto Market

Celebrities are cashing in on the cryptocurrency world, and thanks to their global audiences they have the power to spread knowledge about blockchain to the masses. Cryptocurrency has become a hot button topic this year as the general public starts to catch on to the digitized money trend. Therefore, we’re seeing more and more celebrities express their interest in this booming market. At the 2014 Milken Institute’s Global Conference, rapper and entrepreneur Akon said, “[Bitcoin] is going to change the world from a money transactional standpoint not just for Africa, but for everywhere.” His and other celebrity endorsements from some of the industry’s biggest names are all helping our society shift into a more tech-friendly future where digital currency is a trusted source. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity among public figures, we’re sure to see an uptick in people seeking it out for business ventures and other affairs next year and onward. Check out the below list of celebrities...

Njera Perkins

Dec 24, 2020