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Why Black Barbershops And Salons Are Suffering The Most From Shutdowns

For decades, pillars of the Black community like barbershops and salons have contributed more to residents than haircuts and styling. Now, these community staples — that provide customers with therapy sessions, engaging debates, and a sense of safety — are deemed non-essential, closing down indefinitely. Black barbershops and salons have long been regarded as pivotal spaces in Black culture, always helping to bring the community together. For business purposes, customers go to barbershops and salons for haircare services but they stay for the sense of community and Black entrepreneurship. For the people that come by to sell their newest incense, fragrances, cosmetics, clothing, and repertoire of other supplies, barbershops and salons allow them to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. However, with states now implementing shutdowns for all non-essential businesses, they jeopardize all those that conduct business in these community pillars. My barbershop is closed indefinitely. This...

Mar 28, 2020