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How Stephen Curry’s Daughter Riley Played A Role In His Lucrative Endorsement Deal With Under Armour

Stephen Curry can thank his daughter Riley for his choice to do business with Under Armour.

Sep 12, 2023

Inside Chris Webber's Previous Deal With Nike — 'How Can My Shoe Cost More Than Michael Jordan's?'

Outside of their extreme athletic abilities, NBA players are also known for their fashion choices. And a select few are fortunate enough to have a signature sneaker line. From Michael Jordan to Stephen Curry, NBA stars have long pushed their name, image, and likeness with a shoe that represents them on and off the court. Chris Webber was allowed a signature sneaker, but his outcome differed from the previously mentioned. Webber is a Detroit, MI, native who entered the league as the 1993 No. 1 draft pick, selected by the Orlando Magic. He was then traded to the Golden State Warriors, according to Rookie Wire. Spending only one season in the Bay Area, Webber would play for several other teams, spending most of his career with the Sacramento Kings. During his 15-season career, he averaged 20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists. His on-court performance led him to become Rookie of the Year and a five-time All-NBA Team member. With consistent playtime and credible contributions on...

Jul 11, 2023

These Are The Most Profitable Shoe Deals In The NBA

The most profitable shoe deals in the NBA, in total, generate billions of dollars for the sneaker industry. And yet, the most profitable shoe deal on this list goes to a man who hasn’t stepped on the basketball court in more than two decades. “Wholesale revenue at Nike’s Jordan Brand subsidiary hit $3.14 billion in the fiscal year ending May 2019, up 10% from 2018,” reports Forbes, who compiled the initial list of the most profitable shoe deals in the NBA today. “ MJ’s annual take is an estimated $130 million, four times more than that of James, the No. 2 earner, with $32 million. Arguably, 16 years after he last laced up his own high tops on the court, more Jordan-branded shoes and apparel are being sold than the signature lines of every other current NBA player. Combined.” The business of sneakers is a profitable one and one that has made millions of dollars for basketball players that have been lucky enough to get into it. In fact, according to Forbes, the vast majority of NBA...

Derrick Rose's Adidas Contract Agrees To Pay His Brother & Best Friend Up To $375K In Salary, Report Says

Details about the Derrick Rose deal with adidas have been released, and needless to say, he’s making sure that everybody eats. Fadeaway World is reporting that the NBA superstar first signed his deal with the shoe giant back in 2012, and he made sure that there were provisions for both his brother and his best friend — his two closest confidantes — to get paid. “Along with his own deal that brought him $12 million per season between 2012 and 2017, Derrick Rose ensured that his brother would make $250-300,000 for his role as a consultant. And for his best friend, Rose ensured that he would make $50-75,000 a year for his role as a consultant as well,” reports the outlet. Even though Rose hasn’t had the easiest of times making his basketball career jump off, he knew that he had to keep his family and friends paid. That, according to him, was a way toward financial security. Fortunately, he figured out a way to do it with the adidas deal, even as his salary with basketball continued to...