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17-Year-Old Shanya Robinson-Owens Receives $1M in Scholarships From 18 Colleges

High school senior Shanya Robinson-Owens applied to more than 25 colleges and in return received offers of more than $1 million — $1,074,260 to be exact — worth of scholarship money from the 18 schools she was accepted into, Good Morning America reports. Shanya — a 17-year-old Philadelphia native who currently attends George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science — told CNN that she didn’t have high expectations when applying to her respective schools, but was pleasantly surprised when acceptance letters started rolling in. “I didn’t expect to get this,” she said, “I knew about the scholarships, but I didn’t expect it to be this much, at all.” According to CNN, her family began counting her scholarship packages as she received her acceptance letters and started tracking her progress on social media via the hashtag #KeepingUpWithNya. “I didn’t know if I should cry, laugh, I didn’t know what to do.” – 17 year old Shanya’s reaction when she was awarded over $1 million...

Mar 8, 2021