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Sevetri Wilson Explains What It Took To Build Her Million-Dollar Portfolio After Losing Her 'Why' Early On

When looking at a person’s success, people often pay attention to the outcome, not the journey, but in a recent conversation, renowned entrepreneur Sevetri Wilson spoke to the climb that led to the success she’s amassed today.

Aug 9, 2023

This Platform Is On A Mission To Close The Black Wealth Gap Through Community, Access And Knowledge

Investment deals can be intimidating for many. Here to save the day, emerging platform Amass is looking to meet people where they are and provide them access to lucrative investment opportunities. Founded by former NFL Coach and Bestselling Author Daron K. Roberts alongside Abby Coleman and Harold Hughes, Amass generates Black capital by providing community, knowledge, and access to its members-only investment platform. The Black community will have an opportunity to change its economic position through alternative investment vehicles. This will be helpful, since according to a report, Black Americans fall short when it comes to financial literacy and comprehending risks and investment deals, correctly answering 38 percent of personal finance questions in comparison to white Americans who answered 55 percent accurately. “We all know this disparity is neither an accident nor a coincidence. And, I believe we can push back against this gap by acquiring assets that have the potential to...

Jan 17, 2022

Black Tech Green Money Ep 4: Sevetri Wilson Has Mastered The Art of Amplifying Social Impact

On this week’s episode of Black Tech Green Money , host Will Lucas speaks to Sevetri Wilson to explore the ins and outs of how nonprofits are created and maintained, as well as share actionable advice on how to scale your nonprofit to the next level. Wilson is the founder and CEO of Resilia, the New Orleans based tech startup established in 2015 to revolutionize and accelerate the formation process of new nonprofits, help existing organizations execute their mission, and work with enterprises to deploy billions in annual funding to support organizations in driving results. @sevetriwilson Instagram As the first Black woman in New Orleans to raise over $1M in venture capital , and the only Black founder that leads a venture-backed tech startup in the state of Louisiana, Sevetri Wilson is what most would consider peak Black Girl Magic . “When I think about influence, I think about things that can drive elections, people that can drive people to the polls and help influence someone...

Jun 30, 2020

Resilia Makes History With the Highest VC Raise by a Female-Founded Tech Firm in Louisiana

Serial entrepreneur Sevetri Wilson has made history with New Orleans tech startup, Resilia . The software as a service (SaaS) platform raised $8 million in its Series-A round of funding, making it the highest VC raised by a female-founded tech firm in Louisiana, announced Business Wire . The funding round was led by Mucker Capital and Callais Capital Management with participation by Cultivation Capital. “We spotted Resilia early-on, and have been impressed with Sevetri’s leadership and her team’s ability to identify market needs, move quickly, and expand their products to serve the complex needs of grantors and grantees,” said William Hsu, co-founder and partner at Mucker Capital, who also joined Resilia’s board. In 2016, the Louisiana-based founder created Resilia, named for resilience, to help nonprofits scale their philanthropic efforts through technology. The platform expedites the process of incorporating and applying for tax exemption. Also, it offers resources to reduce costs...

May 29, 2020