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These Are The Richest Self-Made Black Women In America Of 2021, And We Stan Them All

When we talk about the richest self-made Black women in the world, we understand that it’s a lot more nuanced than people think it is. Certainly, things like the racial wealth gap, lack of opportunity, and racism must all be made a part of the equation — because while white women will face sexism, non-white women will face racism and sexism in their quest for wealth. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no such thing as self-made Black women. In fact, as three self-made Black millionaires recently told Business Insider, generational wealth isn’t the only determining factor in “making a millionaire.” Things like a great work ethic, taking risks, and building a strong network are all an integral part of becoming wealthy (not just “rich”). “Building wealth doesn’t have to be complicated,” said financial coach April Stewart, to the outlet. “You don’t have to be a real estate investor. People jump to the ‘advanced’ because they think it will fast-track them. You just have to do the...

The Story of Mary Ellen Pleasant, the Abolitionist and Self-Made Millionaire That Lost it All

It’s important that our historical Black figures are remembered and uplifted for the work they’ve done, even if they aren’t deemed household names. Many may be unaware of who Mary Ellen Pleasant is, but her story is both remarkable and admirable in African American history. As told by CNBC , Mary Ellen Pleasant was a self-made Black entrepreneur who built a fortune that was used to aid abolitionist causes in the United States and help slaves escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad. The New York Times reported that her legacy was compared to that of Harriet Tubman’s by civil rights activist and author W. E. B. Du Bois in his 1924 book titled “The Gift of Black Folk” – describing Pleasant as “quite a different kind of woman and yet strangely effective and influential.” Pleasant was born in 1814 on a Georgia plantation and separated from her parents at a young age, sent off to work as a servant in Massachusetts. It was there that she learned to read, write and work in a shop....

Njera Perkins

Mar 30, 2020