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Teen Entrepreneur Danielle Hawthorne Touched Six Figures Running Her Own Hair Bonnet Business

Today’s young entrepreneurs are starting on their own business endeavors before they even make it to college, and 17-year-old Danielle Hawthorne is no different. As a sophomore of Cardinal Spellman High School, New York native Hawthorne thought of a plan to launch her own line of handmade satin bonnets and durags called Scotch Bonnets By Dani , as a way to turn a profit and provide quality products that local beauty supply stores did not. “I want to promote people taking care of themselves,” she said about her brand. “Bonnets sometimes have a negative connotation, but my products, the colors I use, bring a different approach. So, hopefully people will look at them in a more positive light.” According to Hawthorne, her brand is considered a family business, as both her parents play a big role in helping her design her bonnets and durags. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Hawthorne saw much success from her business...

Njera Perkins

Oct 23, 2020