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Undock Founder Nash Ahmed Wants Entrepreneurs to Focus on the Big Idea

“Not all of your ideas will be good,” says Nash Ahmed, as he reflects on the many ideas that he had before he moved forward with Undock — an artificial intelligence-enabled meeting platform built for the future of work. Just last year Ahmed raised a whopping $1.6 million seed round that was oversubscribed. The million-dollar question is, how did he do it? He sat down with Black Tech Green Money podcast host, Will Lucas to discuss how entrepreneurs should focus on selling their idea in just one sentence, advice for putting your idea out into the world even if it isn’t always complete, and how to know which idea is your best. “The first thing you need to do is have something really exciting about what you’re building,” shares Ahmed. “Have an exciting way to tell it to your friends, to yourself, and to future customers.” He shares that in a world filled with noise if your product isn’t exciting, it may never take off. For him, it was about figuring out how to explain what his company,...

Jan 26, 2021